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July 2019 Free to Become

Thoughts about freedom are in the air even more than usual this time of year. More than just the celebration of Independence Day in the U.S. (July 4), demonstrations for freedom are occurring all over the world. I can’t help but believe that the passion for freedom is part of God creating us in his image (Genesis 1:26-27). Something deep within us longs to be free to create and decide.

The F.I.T. Challenge


“Bishop Trimble’s”  FIT Challenge!

The acronym FIT stands for FOCUS, INVEST, and TELL.  The Bishop’s FIT Challenge is a call to lean forward with a commitment to self-care in all ways – physical, mental, and spiritual.  The challenge begins by focusing on prayer and Bible reading.   In our first step we are challenged to explore the New Testament through a 90-day reading plan.  More information to come as we share in our challenge together

Selma Christ Youth

Selma Christ Youth generally meets every Sunday evening at 5.30pm.
For a full Schedule please follow the Selma Christ Youth Parents Facebook Page

This week at Selma Christ

We are taking Wednesday’s off until September.
9.00am – Sunday Morning Worship
9.30am – Children’s Church
10.20am – Small Group/Sunday School
5.30 Selma Christ Youth
6.00pm – Sunday Evening Service
“A Summer in Mayberry”
with Andy.

Upcoming Calendar

4 September Wednesday  6.30pm Family Night
21 September (Saturday) 4.30pm Recycled Teens- Hobo Party
October (Sunday) Homecoming (Date to be announced)