Welcome to Selma Christ United Methodist

Selma, Indiana


Devotion for April 2017

Christ is Risen

Dr. John Trent in Christian Parenting Today tells about a wedding video he once saw. The video was shot from the back of the church looking up the aisle toward the bride and groom. Because of the camera angle, you could see several members of the congregation.


Suddenly, during the vows, a man jumped up from his pew and yelled, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” as he pumped his fist.


Sunday Evenings

On Sunday evening, we exploring the book of Luke.  Join us as we unpack the gospel of Luke. Luke writes many centuries ago to a young man named Theophilus about Jesus.  Very simply, he wrote with the purpose of helping Theophilus of knowing with certainty about this thing called the gospel.   Luke also writes to us  so that we may have certainty about Jesus, and that He Lived, Died and Rose for each of us.


Sunday evenings at 6.

Wednesday Bible Study

We have started the study of the book of Acts. Please join us for this study each Wednesday at 7pm.

The Week at Selma Christ


9.20am - Sunday Morning Worship

9.50am - Children's Church

10.30am - Small Group/Sunday School

5.30pm - Youth (7th thru 12th)
6.00pm - Kidz Zone (K - 6th)

6.00pm - Evening Service


8:00am Men's Prayer Group

7.00 pm Mid-Week Prayer & Bible Study "Acts"