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Selma, Indiana


October Devotion



Just before Jesus left this world, He said to the disciples ”Go.”
In the upcoming weeks after we finish the book of James we’ll be looking at the “missional church.”
May I encourage you to take what I call a "John 3:16 walk" this week.
Take an hour and go for a walk being careful to notice every person you see. Pray for them. If the moment allows itself, share Jesus with them. Invite them to church.


6pm every Sunday!!!


October 29th.

Sunday Evenings

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Wednesday Bible Study

Every Wednesday night at 7pm come join us for our midweek bible study.

The Week at Selma Christ


9.20am - Sunday Morning Worship

9.50am - Children's Church

10.30am - Small Group/Sunday School

5.30pm - SPARK  (Jr & Sr High)
6.00pm - Kidz Zone

6.00pm - Evening Service


8:00am Men's Prayer Group

7.00 pm Mid-Week Prayer & Bible Study