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Pastor Charles Areson is our new Pastor as of 6 March.
Selma Christ Church is a Global Methodist Church.

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February 2023“Do you want to get well?”

Jesus sees him and says “Do you want to get well?”

What an obvious question! Of course he wants to get well! 

Jesus already knows the answer, he can see why this man is here.

This man was at the pool all of the time, trying to get in before someone else when the angel stirred the water.

The man, looking at Jesus and not knowing who he truly is says that he can’t get in before someone else does. He’s too slow. 


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Calendar of Events

This week at Selma Christ

Sunday 9.00am Morning Service
Sunday 10.00am Small Group
Sunday 5.30pm Youth
Sunday 6.00pm No service yet

Upcoming Calendar

25 April 6.30pm Leadership Board Meeting
12-16 June {Youth} Camp
25 June   12pm Annual Picnic
25 July 6.30pm Leadership Board Meeting
October Homecoming
24 October 6.30pm Leadership Board Meeting