Friends in Christ,


The scriptures for Advent and Christmas paint a vivid picture of our, “Ever Loving Father” and the world into which God came in human flesh. They show us how God never gives up on us.  He constantly seeks us out, and he makes the way possible for us.  Even when we have disbelief, doubts and fears, God never turns away.  He is Emmanuel, “God with us!”


This message of hope is just as important today, as it was to those in the days of shepherds, wise men, and angels proclaiming the Messiah’s birth. This season we

will proclaim the mystery of the incarnation, and the “Hope” that our Ever Loving Father brings to our world.


This Christmas season I will be using the movie, “ELF” (Ever Loving Father) to help us see and experience, “God with us!”  We would love for you to join us in worship at 9:00am each Sunday.


Dec 1 – “Fitting In to the Christmas Story”

Dec 8 – “Don’t Lose Your Tights”

Dec 15 – “Contagious Joy”

Dec 22 – “Believing the Unbelievable”

Dec 24 – “The List” (Christmas Eve Service 8:00pm at Selma Christ)


Blessings, Pastor Andy Martin