Lent 2019

Friends in Christ,
The first Wednesday of March begins our season of Lent.  Lent is a 40 day period (excluding Sundays) that will eventually lead us to an open tomb and the wonderful Good News of Easter.  However, before that day arrives we must journey down a path that will remind us of Jesus’ last days, and the last hours of his earthly life.   For Christians this is a time of, “renewal” as we reflect on all God has done for us through Christ Jesus.  This renewal time will lead us through deeper disciplines of prayer, fasting, giving, service, and study.  Many of us will choose to “give up” something as a way to seek a closer connection with God, who gave up His only Son for us.  We “give up” something important to us to develop self-discipline (if we are faithful in little things, then we are more apt to be faithful in bigger things).  And as we do this, we are reminded of just how human we are, and how our needs and wants can drive us!  So Lent is a time of introspection, a time of renewal, a time of not just “giving up” but also, “giving in” to where God would lead us.   We begin Lent on “Ash Wednesday” (March 6th).  This year I’ve planned a special “Ash Wednesday” service to share in Word and Sacrament at Selma Christ Church at 7:00pm.  We will share together in the imposition of ashes and be reminded again of God’s love for us.   We will also begin a time of study through Lent into mid-May (10 weeks).  Our focus will be upon becoming a “Missional Church.”  We will meet each Wednesday evening at 7:00pm beginning March 13th.  What we glean from this study will greatly help us form our “Church’s Vision” for the next 10 years as we seek God’s guidance and leading.  So it is my hope that every adult and Jr/Sr High Youth will be able to participate in some way.   I do hope you will be able to share in this study, the Lenten sermon themes, and our different opportunities for worship.  May God bless you and your family as you make your journey toward the cross and as you come to share in the joy of Resurrection Sunday.
  Blessings, Pastor Andy