Love: Change the World


I was in Lowrey’s Candies the other day and they have switched to everything being wrapped for Valentines Day. I think it was a sign to speak about love. Last Sunday’s sermon scripture I used 1 Corinthians chapter 13, verses 1-13 which is often used in weddings to describe the love the couple should work to obtain. I did say work, because what we are asked to do is not always easy.

What I would really encourage all of us to do is reread that scripture and apply it to two different areas of our lives. First, make sure when we are dealing with family and friends, we are following the scripture during all of our interactions. I think sometimes we take our families and friends for granted and they do not always get our best efforts.

Secondly, apply the scripture to all of the people we come into contact. Each of us has a chance to change the world with how we relate to those we already love and care for and those we meet for the first time. Use the words from first Corinthians, such as patient, kindness, when dealing with all of the world we communicate. This is not only in person, but especially with written (email, text) and also verbally. Let each of us begin to change the world we live in one person at a time. Remember the children’s message from last week, do not say I cannot do it, but say with God everything is possible.



Pastor Ed