Grace and Peace to You,
  Autumn is a special time to celebrate all the wonderful changes of nature.  The temperature drops and there is a “freshness or crispness” in the air.  The leaves reveal their hidden beauty. The cornstalks have turned from green to brown and the fields give up their golden grain.  And we even rejoice as we see those first beautiful snowflakes fall from the sky.   Autumn is also a “busy time” as we prepare for Fall and Winter.  We have to winterize our homes and get our vehicles ready for the colder temperatures.  Out comes our winter clothes and coats.  And we finally get to make that last “Cut” of the grass (praise the Lord).  Every year I remember the words of my father, “Now make sure you cut the grass as short as you can when the leaves start to fall.  That a ways, they won’t stick to your yard, and will blow over on your neighbors.”  My dad is very wise!   Autumn is a “beautiful time.”  It’s a time we celebrate and give thanks to God for his creative hand, and for the blessings he has given us.  One of the ways we do this in the church, is by celebrating “All Saints Day.”  John Wesley referred to All Saints as a day of “triumphant joy,” and that it is!  For this is a day in which we “give thanks and we remember” those dear to us that have gone on to be with the Lord.  This is a day in which we recognize the common bond between the church on earth, and the church triumphant in God’s love.  This is a day in which we remember that we are all part of God’s body, the Church (here on earth and in heaven, we are one)!   November is a month to celebrate!  We begin in celebration with All Saints Sunday.  We share in celebration with family and friends through Thanksgiving.  We eat and laugh and loosen our belts. We give God our thanks for all the ways he has blessed us throughout the year (and for all our years).  We thank God for being our present help in times of struggle, hurt, and pain.  We praise God for our family and friends, and all the things that make life good!   And then we end the month in celebration.  The season of “Advent” begins and we celebrate the “Incarnation.” God’s coming to us in flesh.  God wrapping himself up in Jesus and being born in Bethlehem.  God coming to us in a unique way so that we can know his love and be born anew.   Autumn is such a wonderful and beautiful time.  May God truly bless you in these days of change and celebration.  May you take time to experience all the joy God offers.
  Blessings,   Pastor Andy