Fresh Start

Friends in Christ,
It’s hard to believe that two months have passed since my family and I have moved to Selma and became your pastor.  What a great time we are having as we come to get to know you better and our community.  Last week we experienced our first “Bluebird Days!”  What a fun and great experience that was!
We got to see and visit with several people from both churches as we walked through the fair and experienced the talent in the Lion’s Club building.  We have a lot of talented folks in our community and churches.
The highlight for Micah and Eli was of course the “rides!”  We did the wristband thing on Thursday evening from about 5:30 to 9:00pm.  It was pretty much nonstop and no lines!  Micah was in heaven!  His favorite ride was the Ferris wheel.  I couldn’t believe how “fast” this went.  I’ve never been a huge fan of the Ferris wheel because they always go so “slow” and in doing so it always made my stomach queasy.  But not this one, it zipped right around.
After three hours of rides the kids were pretty well pooped and they slept sound that night (as did Susan and I).  The parade was also just wonderful, although we were almost rained out.  The kids got loads of candy and stayed dry.  We were able to walk home afterwards, get into the house, stepped into the kitchen and then the downpour came (with a very close and loud lightning strike).
The only thing I found a little disappointing was that I never did see any “Bluebirds.”  But that’s OK, I once went to an “Apple Festival” and there was not a single, “Apple Dumpling” to be found (and oh how I was looking forward to an apple dumpling with ice cream)!
 But God is so good!  We are truly blessed to live in a small town and community.  Our “smallness” is truly a great strength!  There is a closeness and connectedness that one cannot miss.  There is this wonderful sense of small town pride, especially when we come together to put on a festival, or provide a ball field, etc..  Truly, in our smallness is great strength!
In the Church this is also a great strength.  Be it a “small group” or even a “small church!”  There is a closeness and connectedness that one cannot miss.  When God’s people have one mind and one mission (even though they may be small in number) great things can happen!  It was after all, just a handful of Jesus’ followers who changed the world forever!  I love how John Maxwell puts it, “The greatness of a church is based upon how many it sends, not how many it seats.”
Blessings, Pastor Andy