Friends in Christ,


I just wanted to say, “Hello” and introduce myself.  I’m Pastor Andy Martin and on July 1st I’ll begin my appointment to Selma and New Burlington.  My wife, “Susan” and I are very excited about our appointments and the possibilities God has in store for us all.


Susan will be serving the Redkey UMC ¾ time as their pastor.  We’ve been a “Clergy couple” for almost thirty years.  In this time we’ve been able to do some wonderful ministry together, but our main focus is always the church we are appointed to. 


In past appointments, Susan has led women’s retreats and invited women in my church, and I’ve led men’s retreats and invited her church folks.  Our gifts complement each other and we enjoy working together in each other’s churches (as time allows).  It is our hope to be able to participate or lead a group as a “couple” at Selma Christ, and to do the same at Redkey.  We’ve also been known to do an occasional “pulpit exchange” once we’ve been in our new churches for a while. 


We have three adult children (two boys and one girl):  Matt, age 37 lives in Virginia Beach VA with his wife “Tabby” and our newest little granddaughter, “Mary Dawn” (who was born on Mother’s Day not quite two months ago).  Our son Nathan, is 33 and lives on Shavehead Lake in Michigan.  He is a dentist and his practice is in Elkhart, IN.   Our daughter Sarah is 29 and currently living in Ft. Wayne, IN. 


We also have two grandchildren that live with us that we are guardians for.  Micah is three and a half and Elisabeth is a year and a half.  Some of you may have already met them or seen them around the church or community.  If you have, then you know they’re not shy or bashful at all.  We think they are just about the best thing in this world (but of course we are the grandparents).


Susan and I will be married 39 years this August 31st.  We were high school sweethearts and best friends (still are).  Susan has been in pastoral ministry for 29 years.  I have been serving the church for 33 years (I’m 57 and Susan is younger than me… but not by much).  I first entered the ministry as a student local pastor in the former South Indiana Conference.  I attended Indiana University and received my Bachelors Degree; I went on to Asbury Theological Seminary and earned my Master of Divinity.  I was ordained Deacon in 1993 and Elder in 1998.  I moved to the former North Indiana Conference in 1995.


While serving in North Indiana Conference I was part of the “Vision Service Team”

(I was one pastor of many in the Conference that a small to medium size church could call on, to help discover ways to grow and revitalize their ministries and church).  I served as the Michiana District Youth Coordinator, and later as the Kokomo District Youth Coordinator.  I also served as the Disaster Response Coordinator for the Michiana District. 


I have been very active in the conference and local church with camping ministries (especially Jr. Highs).  I have always had a passion for youth, and I see a strong youth and children’s ministry as a priority for any Church.  I also enjoy doing small group ministry with adults and mission work trips.  Spiritual Formation (including Prayer Ministries) is also very important to me. 


I do look forward to meeting you, worshiping with you, serving and growing in our walk as we seek to fulfill our mission: “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”  No doubt, God has been blessing through the ministry of Pastor Dennis, and I plan to pick up where he has left off, as we continue to do the ministry God is calling us in our community and world.


The 1st week of July the Conference has asked that all newly appointed pastors be on “Transition” leave.  However, on July 1st I do plan to be at Church to share communion with you.  I can think of no better way to begin ministry together than around the Lord’s Table.  The Staff Parish (PPRC) committee has arranged for a special speaker on this day.  I hope you will be able to attend and I get a chance to meet you.


My first Sunday to preach is July 8th.  On this Sunday I will share my call to ministry and focus on “God’s Call” (upon all of our lives).  Later this day at 5:00pm our Staff Parish committee has planned a “Welcome Dinner” for the church.  Susan and I hope you can be there.  Following our dinner will be our evening service.


I am really looking forward to the ministry we will do together.  I am looking forward to being a part of your church family and being involved in your lives.  I want to celebrate life with you and work side by side with you, as we grow in faith and share the love of Jesus Christ with one another and with our community. 


God’s Blessings,

Pastor Andy Martin