It takes work

I was reading the parable of the sower in Matthew 13:1-9. It tells the story of grain that is thrown on the stone path and the birds immediately eat it, seed thrown on to rocky ground that springs up quickly and then dies because the ground dies not have much soil, seed that grows up in thorn patches and is chocked out by the thorns, and finally seed that is grown in good and fertile soil. This parable tells us about the spiritual foundation we have created in our own lives just as the sower needs to prepare the ground for planting.

We do not become Christians by saying we are Christians and then doing nothing to make our lives more fertile in God’s grace, love and Holy Spirit. Just like it takes work for the farmers to bring in their harvest, and it takes work for the gardener to bring in the vegetables, becoming a Christian takes work also. I would recommend that you find a personal bible study to challenge yourself this summer.  Whether it is a book you chose to read or some type of bible application you place on your phone, take time to increase your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.



Pastor Ed