Spring is in the air

Friends in Christ,
Signs of spring are all around us.  The temperatures are finally warming, trees are beginning to bud; the grass is even starting to look greener.  Soon the flowers will be in full bloom and the trees will be completely leafed out.  Spring is on its way!
This is such a beautiful time of year.  It is as if God is re-creating our world, revealing his love and presence through all of nature.  God has taken that which we considered dead and breathed new life into it again.  All of this is God’s gift to us!
This month we celebrate Easter, the highest and most important day of our Christian year!  We come together in worship to celebrate God’s redeeming work through Christ, making the way possible that we might have new life in Him.  This is the time in which we declare our witnesses to the risen Christ in our lives.  As we worship together, we proclaim Christ crucified, dead, and buried, risen and exalted as the head of the Church, the Savior of humanity and the Lord of all.
  Just as we witness God’s hand in the re-creating of life each spring; Easter is that time in which God has re-created all of humanity, raising us up out of the pit of death and darkness and giving us new life, that we might shine and blossom into God’s children of Light.
May you be blessed in Christ love and grace!
Pastor Andy
 Holy Week Services
Sun   14th – Palm Sunday Service 9:00am
Thr   18th  –  Maundy Thursday Service 7:00pm
Fri    19th  – Good Friday Service at New Burlington 7:00pm
Sun  21st  –  Easter Sunrise Service at 7:00am with breakfast to follow. Easter Worship service at 9:00am (no evening services or youth group)